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What is VDE?

The VDE Testing and Certification Institute is a nationally and internationally accredited institution in the field of testing and certification of electrical engineering devices, components and systems. These electrical products are tested for safety, electromagnetic compatibility and other product properties.


Technical working equipment and consumable materials subject to the applicable device and product safety laws bear the VDE-GS mark, which stands for the safety of the product with regard to electrical, mechanical, thermal, toxicological, radiological and other dangers. In addition, tools with the VDE-GS mark conform to the VDE regulations or European or internationally harmonised standards, i.e. they confirm the compliance with the safety requirements of the respective guidelines.

Double triangle and voltage range

If insulated tools or aids are marked with the symbol of the double triangle and the assigned voltage or voltage range specification or the class, they are suitable for working on energised parts at the stated voltage.

IEC 60900:2004

An international standard which, among other things, describes the design of insulated tools in detail. For example, the thickness of the protective insulation is specified. In addition, the standard defines individual tests (piece tests) as well as series and random sample tests for checking the electrical safety of the protective insulation.